Windows 12 – Released in 2024 for the future Windows 11 successor operating system, codenamed Next Valley.

Microsoft will release its upcoming Windows 12 operating system in 2024, marking the abandonment of Sun Valley 3 in favor of Windows 11.

Windows Central understands that Microsoft is moving toward a cycle of releasing new Windows operating systems every 3 years, with major updates offered once a year.

While Windows 11 was released in 2021, its successor Windows 12 will launch in 2024 and will be internally codenamed Next Valley.

As a result, the Sun Valley 3 update for Windows 11 scheduled for 2023 will no longer be in development.

The upcoming major Windows 11 22H2 update scheduled for next fall is still up and running, codenamed Sun Valley 2.

In addition, Microsoft would like to bet on what it describes as “Moments”: it’s about offering new features without waiting for big yearly updates like weather integration into the bar spot.

Let’s hope, however, that the next new Moments will be perceived as much more useful than this built-in weather feature, otherwise many will not see the point in Moments.

Windows Center.

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