Wingcopter presents a drone that can make three different deliveries during the same trip

The German start-up Wingcopter presented its new delivery drone on Tuesday April 27, 2021. Special feature of the Wingcopter 198: it can deliver up to three packages to three different locations during the same flight. During each delivery, the Wingcopter 198 switches from forward flight mode to hover mode and deposits the package in just a few seconds thanks to a winch mechanism. The delivery process is fully automated, as shown in this video.

A drone designed for delivery

Founded in 2017, the German start-up develops, manufactures and operates delivery drones for trade and humanitarian missions. It announced that it had raised $ 22 million last January to automate part of its production line and continue R&D on the next generation of its drone, which is now officially presented. She explains that this new multi-delivery capability is useful in deploying a service that can be profitable.

For an even more efficient offer, the transportable payload should be further improved since, together, these three packages must weigh a maximum of 5 kg. Wingcopter is also developing software for the control station which optimally plans delivery missions and optimizes the route of drones. This system allows a single pilot to command and track up to 10 drones simultaneously from a remote location.

The German thus offers a turnkey delivery service offer: customers do not have to manage the drone fleet themselves and train pilots, they benefit from Wingcopter’s skills in this field and in particular from its track record in delivery out of the operator’s field of vision.

Anti-collision system

The safety and reliability of the systems are essential to ensure safe flights out of the operator’s field of vision. Wingcopter therefore insists on the redundant architecture on board its new device, whether for the speed sensor, the steering and positioning system and the flight controller. If one of the sensors fails, the second can take over. The Wingcopter 198 has 8 motors, 8 electronic speed controllers (ESC) and two batteries.

The Wingcopter 198 can circulate in various weather conditions and soar up to 110 km / h maximum over 75 kilometers when carrying 5 kg. Its collision avoidance system includes cameras capable of detecting obstacles and on-board artificial intelligence which itself assesses the risks in real time and initiates, if necessary, a path deviation.

The German start-up also mentions advanced maintenance technology. Concretely, all component performance data is automatically uploaded to a secure database so Wingcopter can optimize maintenance and avoid unplanned downtime. When will we see a first test flight for this Wingcopter 198?

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