Wingcopter raises $ 22 million to speed up production of its delivery drone

Wingcopter, specialist in delivery drones, announced Monday, January 25, 2021 to have raised 22 million dollars. A series A fundraising for the German start-up led with Xplorer Capital, Futury Regio Growth Fund, Futury Ventures and Hessen Kapital III.

A winch mechanism

Founded in 2017, Wingcopter develops, manufactures and operates delivery drones for trade and humanitarian missions. Its Wingcopter 178 Heavy Lift drone, which can carry up to 6 kg of cargo, can be assembled and ready for take-off in less than five minutes. It has a range of 120 kilometers and can operate in difficult weather conditions (snow or wind), assures the German start-up.

The drone can either drop off the package using a winch mechanism, or land at the intended destination for the package to be received before leaving. It has the ability to take off and land vertically in small spaces. Wingcopter is continuing its research and development in order to quickly launch the next generation of its drone, of which pre-orders may already be placed.

Automation of production

With this fundraising, Wingcopter will automate part of the production chain of its drone in order to meet demand. The nugget is installed in premises of 7,200 m² in Weiterstadt, which allows it to launch into mass production. It has around a hundred employees and wishes to further expand its ranks in the areas of test flights, certification, software development, embedded systems, software architecture and cloud infrastructure.

Wingcopter wants to strengthen its skills in the field of drone logistics with a particular focus on health and the distribution of vaccines for Covid-19. UPS Flight Forward (UPSFF), the UPS subsidiary in charge of industrializing the use of drones for parcel delivery, recently announced that it is working with Wingcopter to obtain certification for its existing drone so that it can make commercial deliveries to the United States.

The German also offers a turnkey delivery service offer: customers do not have to manage the drone fleet themselves and train pilots, they benefit from Wingcopter’s skills in this area and in particular from its track record in delivery out of the operator’s field of vision. In Malawi, Wingcopter started a project to improve supply chains in health, particularly in the country’s response to Covid-19. She ensures that young people living there are trained to fly drones.

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