Winklevoss Brothers Expect Bitcoin Price To Be $ 500,000

Bitcoin is digital gold and therefore the conservative market cap estimate is $ 10 trillion to catch up with physical gold, which equates to a price of $ 500,000 per bitcoin.

This is what the Winklevoss twins, who took up cryptocurrency in 2013, say when asked how they’ve managed to survive so long through the ups and downs.

They argued that we are still in a very early stage of development, as Bitcoin will completely change gold, and the twins will confirm that they still have all the coins, and will even continue to accumulate satas through the Gemini credit card.

This gives you bitcoin discounts, allowing you to “turn your spending into savings,” said Winklevoss, who argued that if you keep the bitcoin return after buying the TV, the coins might be worth the same as the TV itself.

Interestingly, the twins revealed that they bought the coins from MT Gox, but presumably subsequently took them and kept them, while at the time the twins revealed that in 2013 the banks would not have agreed to keep their private keys in safes.

At another Bitcoin convention meeting in Miami in 2021, Tim Draper, another former Bitcoin, said when asked if he sells:

“If you have Bitcoin, you have the currency of the future, so why change the currency of the future to the currency of the past, which is dollars.”

Source: Trustnodes

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