Winter sales 2021:400 € on the Macbook Touch Bar 1TB SSD

Prices are moving at the moment at Apple, and for good reason: the appearance of the new Apple M1 chips has drastically changed the situation in the apple computer market, to the delight of consumers. So of course, the model which we will be discussing here does not carry the famous M1 within it, but it would be a mistake to neglect it for all that.

Buy the MacBook 13 “i7 Touch Bar 1TB SSD at € 1,499.99 instead of € 1,899.00

Winter sales 2021: -400 € on the Macbook Touch Bar 1TB SSD

A Macbook Pro with massive storage for the price of a 256GB Macbook M1

The advantage of this MacBook Pro is obviously going to be its 1TB storage, which is rare enough to be mentioned in this price range. Its quad-core i7 and 16GB of RAM do not have to be ashamed of other laptops from the brand. With such storage and such power, it will do wonders in the hands of a creator or even a gamer not too demanding since games like WOW or League of Legends run quite well on these machines. In short, a great time to switch to the Macbook for anyone who has complained about too little storage on the more affordable Macs. Ultimately, the arrival of M1s is a blessing and pushes products of exemplary quality towards very attractive prices. Ah, I forgot … For that price, you can even have fun with your Touch Bar!

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