Winter sales 2021: dates, tips, promotions, how to prepare?

The year 2021 therefore begins with a first wave of promotions during these winter sales which offer numerous discounts on gaming, hardware and high-tech products at all brands including Amazon, Fnac, Darty, Cdiscount and others. . What to expect ? What offers will be available? At what price ? Analysis and perspectives of this essential event for mass distribution.

The first highlight of the year

Even if good plans are regularly available, certain highlights punctuate the year. These periods are an opportunity for distributors to offer very attractive prices in order to reduce stocks, attract customers and provide us with many limited-time advantages. These winter sales 2021 will therefore be the scene of very interesting promotions on gaming, hardware and high-tech products.. If the prices will not be the same as those charged during Black Friday 2020, the nature of the products offered will be just as interesting, if not superior.

When will the 2021 winter sales start and for how long?

In view of the health situation, last year saw various postponements regarding the sales periods. The French days, Prime Days and Black Friday were postponed to the end of the year and thus caused a certain congestion. Unlike last year, the winter sales will not be delayed and will begin this Wednesday January 20 until Tuesday February 16. Thus, the sales period will extend over a little less than a month.

Gaming, hardware and high-tech will be the worlds that will benefit from price reductions. With the upcoming release of new generation consoles, TVs will be the center of attention. These products could see their prices reduced by several hundred euros. This could be particularly interesting on televisions over € 1,700. A unique opportunity to switch to 4K Oled HDR for less than € 1,500.

If you already have one, or for people wishing to optimize the setup of their living room, bars and other home cinema could be included in promotional offers. During the French Days, we noticed the high tech TV + Philips Soundbar packs. We also noted sharp price reductions for audio equipment. It is quite reasonable to think that these 2021 sales would be an opportunity for retailers to cut prices on these product categories.

What about hardware products?

We are always hoping for great promotions on graphics cards RTX 2070 and 2080 as a result of the gradual exit at the end of the year of their replacements from LDLC and The imminent arrival of RTX 3000 Gaming Laptops should help democratize these new components and, at the same time, reduce the price of previous models. These promotional offers will undoubtedly be an opportunity to renew your overall IT equipment and find new gaming laptops, low latency MSI-type screens or inexpensive mice. Let’s not forget the NVMe SSD which have reduced considerably for several weeks. Price reductions can also be considered on 1TB versions.

As a first step, it is very useful to develop a list of products that you might be interested in. This article, moreover, is written to help you make the right choices, to give you visibility on this event. Let us not forget that this is the occasion each year for distributors to engage in a fierce commercial battle, with, as a result, numerous and attractive promotions.

Secondly, define a budget for each product sought, keeping in mind the base price and the target price. Play the competition and position yourself in each product sheet of distributors to be able to order as quickly as possible.

Finally, at, we will publish a lot of good news to inform you of all the promotions available on the web until the end of the sales. To this will be added our selections of the best deals according to the available offers! We will join our hardware experts to analyze the products and also our business expertise in order to know if the displayed price is a real deal or not. Count on us to quickly deliver fast, clear and precise information on each good plan to come!

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises upon receipt of your orders, we advise you to focus exclusively on participating official brands. The main reason is that they have a warranty on the products purchased. At the time of purchase, check whether the offer comes from the merchant or a third-party reseller. If you come across the second situation, look at the star rating and comments at the bottom of the offer. They are an indicator of the seriousness of the dealer. Do not rush, it is necessary to compare the prices well. Fortunately, our comparator and our feedback will help you in your choice.

We will be ready this Wednesday to host these winter 2021 sales. We can no doubt count on the entire distribution to offer us good deals and nice surprises!

In the meantime, here are the offers that are already available:

  • Buy the LG OLED55CX 4K TV for 1499 € instead of 1699 €
  • Buy Seagate 8TB HDD for € 139.99 instead of € 160
  • Take advantage of numerous promotions at Micromania
  • Buy LENOVO Legion Y540-15IRH – 15.6 ” for € 899.99 instead of € 1299.99
  • Buy ZEPHYRUS G14 Laptop at the price of € 1399 instead of € 1799, i.e. a reduction of 22%

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