With Baptiste Lecaplain, we talked about The Last of Us, fatherhood and the Girondins of Bordeaux.

Who better than Baptiste Lecaplain to comment on The Last of Us, available in France on Amazon Prime Video? At first glance, the link may seem strange. However, the comedian is probably one of the biggest French fans of video games developed by Naughty Dog and adapted into series by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin. He played there for many hours. How to explain his impatience to discover the event series, where Pedro Pascal takes one of the main roles. Baptiste Lecaplain was waiting for him so much that his Instagram “stories” turned into a real promo page. On Monday, January 16, the day of the broadcast of the first episode, he received a lot of “DM” (private messaging between users) of Internet users who wanted to take stock with him.

Baptiste Lecaplain works on an obsession, whether it’s video games, sports or shows… The comedian participates in “L’Obs” in a funny and touching interview, at the crossroads between his passion for the world of Ellie and Joel (the two central characters of The Last of Us) , the topics of his new show “Seeing People” and his daily life.

You’ve been talking about it so much on social media: well, how was that first episode of The Last of Us?

Baptiste Lecaplain. I watched it at home in front of TV with coffee. Nickel! I loved it so much, I can’t wait to watch it again. I liked the little liberties they took[comparedtotheoriginalscript[parrapportauscénarioorigin[посравнениюсоригинальнымсценарием[parrapportauscénarioorigin

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