With Dark Matter, Apple TV+ can finally offer the multiverse we’ve been waiting for

Watch this adaptation coming to Apple TV+: Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter could be the start of one of the best representations of the multiverse on screen.

Multiverse here, multiverse there. In recent years, this concept has conquered our screens. The idea is nothing but the idea of ​​parallel worlds. Originally presented by scientists (but purely theoretically), the multiverse was a set of many universes that make up reality. But it has since become an unexpected find for science fiction.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has recently embraced this with a bang, just like in the comics, to represent the different lands where we find alternate versions of our heroes and heroines. The very principle of the multiverse in this context is first and foremost a (rather pleasant) narrative cog. More recently, Everything Everywhere All At Once has collided with it, developing completely brainless concepts, but also looming over them a little in an overly stupid shell. There is also the French series Parallèles, which is successful but does not revolutionize the genre.

We would even like another multiverse. The one that makes us tremble with dizziness, going to the very heart of the infinity of versions of ourselves, showing us that if it were not for one choice, everything would be different. In this respect, the Apple TV+ has been taken from the best in the field: Dark Crouch, a book by American writer Blake Crouch. The SVOD service has started production on the adaptation, which is in production in early September 2022.

What is Dark Matter, the upcoming big Apple TV+ adaptation about?

In the cast, we, in particular, will find Jennifer Connelly (“Top Gun”) with French director Louis Leterrier (“Indestructible”, “Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, “Lupin …”). The first season will have 9 episodes. And the good news is that the showrunner will be none other than book author Blake Crouch.

This is an intelligent page-turner, signed by Blake Crouch, at the heart of parallel worlds. // Source: Dark Matter

In France, hardly heard of the writer. His work was a fairly resounding success across the Atlantic, but remained fairly confidential in France. However, if only his latest publication “Recursion” is an excellent read that we recommended to you in the winter of 2021.

Dark Matter is his best work to date (in J’ai lu en France), combining a breathtaking thriller with pure sci-fi. Our hero, Jason Dessen, a professor of physics, is kidnapped by a stranger. When he wakes up, everything is completely different: his wife is no longer his wife; their son was never born; and he himself is a physicist with a much greater aura, the same as at the dawn of the great discovery. This is the beginning of an unforgettable journey through the four corners of parallel worlds.

But what’s great about Dark Matter is that the underlying fictional scientific concept of the multiverse is just the cornerstone of both crime-style investigation and human-scale storytelling. The trajectory of the character, or rather, his trajectory, touches us deeply. This is not a lofty concept, but the embodiment of a fable, a clever page turner. Understanding this is good: it’s what we need in an age when the infinity of possible choices in a world of hodgepodge knocks many people off their feet.

Understandably, we’re looking forward to the Dark Matter adaptation because we’re telling ourselves that it will finally be a pictorial work based on what the multiverse’s narrative gear has to offer the best. And Apple TV+ — For All Mankind, Dickinson, See, Foundation, Severance — is starting to get us used to very mature good surprises. We also know that Blake Crouch usually manages to adapt his work well (Good Behavior, Wayward Pines).

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