With “My health space”, the government wants to facilitate the management of the medical data of the French

In April 2019, the Minister in charge of Health Agnès Buzyn presented a roadmap with the ambition of sustainably transforming the French health system through digital technology. This large-scale project includes in particular the establishment of “My health space”, the launch of which is scheduled for January 2022. The government has just detailed the operation of this new public service.

The data will be hosted in France
This is an “individual digital space” made available by the State and Health Insurance, explained Olivier Véran, Minister of Health and Solidarity. It will allow each citizen to store their health data and share them with health professionals. All this data will be hosted in France. It remains to be seen which host will be chosen.

The “My health space” site will be accessible via smartphone, tablet and computer. A mobile application will also be available but its launch date is not yet known. Its technical development has been entrusted to Atos, accompanied by Octo, Accenture and Maincare.

Four services in one app
In detail, this new service will integrate four modules: a shared medical record (DMP), a health diary, secure messaging and an application catalog.

The DMP has been around for several years but has experienced more than ten years of failure. Appeared in 2004, it was not officially launched until 2011 for an initial investment of 200 million euros. Yet only 50,000 files had been created. The device was relaunched in November 2018. Nearly 10 million DMPs were opened in early 2021, which corresponds to 10% of the adult population.

This sort of “online health record” will store medical information, such as treatments, examination results, medical history, hospital reports … Its objective is to improve medical monitoring , especially in an emergency. It will be available for consultation by a limited number of health professionals.

The health diary will allow you to record your medical appointments. It will also allow you to receive reminders for recommended vaccines and screenings. Secure messaging will be dedicated to confidential exchanges between patients and healthcare professionals.

A catalog of applications in health and well-being
Finally, “My health space” will offer a catalog of applications developed by public and private actors in the fields of health and well-being. Following a call for projects, 30 organizations were selected, specializing in connected objects, teleconsultation or even making appointments online. A decree should be published in the fall to reveal their identities.

The deployment of this new service will be done in two stages. The pilot phase will be launched in July 2021 in three departments, Haute-Garonne, Loire-Atlantique and Somme. Then, “My health space” will be fully deployed in January 2022.

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