With real estate tokenization, RealT wants to radically change how we invest.

RealT: from a family project to a real estate empire

RealT is an American company founded in early 2019 by two brothers: Jean-Marc Jacobson and Remy Jacobson. Jean-Marc started his real estate career in 1993 and Remy joined in 2000. The Jacobson brothers began investing in real estate in the late 90s and have concentrated all of their investments in the city of Montreal, Canada. In 15 years, they have grown from 0 to 18,000 properties. In creating RealT, the Jacobson brothers wanted to revolutionize the way we invest in real estate through decentralized finance. The goal of the company is to allow everyone to invest their money in real estate from 50 euros thanks to tokenization.

Real estate tokenization: investments available to everyone

Through tokenization and the ability to share real estate into shares, RealT makes it easy for any investor to own real estate assets. In RealT, real estate assets are represented on the blockchain by a distinctive digital identifier called a token. Tokenization is a method of converting the rights to an asset into a digital token, similar to the traditional securitization process. Transferring information from a real asset to a blockchain allows ownership to be transferred and traded on a global, secure digital platform.

This mechanism also allows attracting both investors with a short-term vision (from 3 to 5 years) and investors with a long-term vision (at least 15 years). If an investor wishes to withdraw from the project, RealT does not need to sell the property as investors only need to sell their tokens.

Benefits of Asset Tokenization

The foundation of the token economy offers the potential for a more efficient and fair financial world by greatly reducing the friction associated with creating, buying and selling securities. Asset tokenization makes the world more liquid and could radically change the dynamics of global trade. The tokenization of assets, especially private securities or generally illiquid assets such as real estate, makes it easier to sell them on the secondary market. Tokenization also opens up access to asset investing to a much wider audience: thanks to reduced amounts and terms of investment.

About RealT:
RealT was created in 2019 by the Jacobson brothers Jean-Marc and Remy. The American company proposes to invest in real estate with a new tokenization economic model based on the Ethereum blockchain, and from 2021 also on Gnosis Chain. Today, thanks to its professionalism and transparency, RealT has achieved $46 million in sales and has over 200 tokenized objects. The company currently supports about 10,000 investors in 135 different countries.

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