With Telekom Mobile you pay as much as you see. – Explorer 🇫🇷

If you have one of the new UNLIMITED tariff plans, available from 7 euros per month, you can talk unlimited on roaming and send unlimited text messages at no extra charge, and you also get included internet traffic ranging from 4.7 GB to 12 GB, depending on the selected tariff plan, no additional roaming costs.

So, with your domestic subscription, you can enjoy the freedom of communication at home and abroad while traveling within the EEA without worrying about costs or nasty surprises on your bill.

These benefits are only applicable within the European Economic Area (EEA) in accordance with the roaming policy included in your contract.

In addition, if you want to enjoy summer and holidays with a new phone, Telekom Mobile has prepared the hottest offers with unlimited national benefits (minutes, SMS, internet, everything unlimited), including access to EEA roaming, as well as the best smartphones (Samsung Galaxy A22 5G included in the Unlimited 14 plan for €14/month or Samsung Galaxy A33 5G included in the Unlimited 18 plan for €18/month) or available in installments at special prices with new subscriptions.

And if you want to always have a WiFi connection with you when traveling around the country, Telekom offers a portable WiFi Unlimited solution with no additional wires and no installation work for just 7 euros per month. The best solution for trips to the mountains or the sea, for your rural holiday home, for camping or for a seasonal HoReCa business, Nelimitat WiFi provides the necessary connectivity for any tablet, laptop, smart TV or smartphone by simply connecting the WiFi router to the network .

And for extra summer entertainment, if you want to see all your mobile content on your regular TV screen by turning it into a smart TV, Telekom Mobile offers the Google Chromecast 3 included with any NELIMITAT subscription starting at €9 per month. You can use it at home or take it with you on vacation to a hotel or boarding house and watch everything you see on TV and phone.

All of the above offers, whether new UNLIMITED mobile communication plans or unlimited Wi-Fi service, are available both for existing customers renewing their contract and for new customers, whether individuals or companies.

At the same time, Telekom Mobile is rewarding loyal customers with an exclusive special offer with which they can “unblock” all their relatives in the family. If they want to purchase another UNLIMITED subscription for their sister, brother, wife, husband, mother or father, individual customers benefit from a loyalty offer that gives them additional benefits when purchasing an additional SUBSCRIPTION from the new UNLIMITED range: 1 euro discount. for each new subscription or best transfer offer if they select a smartphone-enabled offer they use even if they don’t have a number.

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