With the Backbone One PlayStation Edition, Sony puts its name on a mobile accessory.

Therefore, the product was designed to best reproduce the design and characteristics of the PS5 and its symbolic controller: lots of white and a few touches of black, curved lines, transparent buttons. The official license is responsible for casting the traditional circle, square, triangle, and cross, as well as part of the model’s controller iconography. The idea, of course, is to integrate the Backbone One PlayStation Edition as best as possible with a range of existing accessories.

However, this new product will only work with iOS, the announcement of Android controllers was very recently on Backbone’s side, and it’s hard to say if this version will qualify for Google’s version. The manufacturer indicates that it will obviously be compatible with other games from the App Store and other streaming services and will perform like its sisters thanks to the phone’s battery. It is already available in France and will cost you 120 of your best euros.

For Sony, this is in particular an opportunity to slightly push the Remote Play functionality built into the PS4 and PS5 consoles, which allows you to stream games from two machines to mobile phones. A function that began to slowly gather dust in the Japanese communication room.

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