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Like many household items, even the simplest are entitled to their high-tech and connected version, sometimes with more or less use. On the side of the bathroom, where it is usually placed, the bathroom scale is important in our day-to-day life, especially for those who care about their shape and health.

Forget the old models with a needle or digital display that simply showed our weight without any other functionality. To get a better view of this important data from our body, the specialist in objects of health technology Withings offers a connected version of the scale. And the one they have entrusted to us, the Body Plus scale, goes further by promising to also provide other data on body composition.

In terms of appearance, nothing differentiates it from a modern classical scale. It comes in multiple colors, the white version is perhaps less messy than the black version where dust is more likely to show through.

The cladding is glass but strong enough to withstand heavy loads, up to 180 kg. The minimum load is set at 5 kg.


The feet are responsible for slightly raising the scale on smooth surfaces. If you want to use it on carpets or rugs, you will need to install the supplied 4 slightly wider feet that are simply attached with an adhesive.


The Body + scale comes with batteries that, according to the manufacturer, provide 18 months of battery life. This will actually vary depending on the frequency of weighing and the number of users. The small button on the back is used to “wake up” the scale during pairing.

Stack of something

Configuration is done through the Withings Health Mate app available on Android or iOS.

From a single application, Withings Health Mate invites you to monitor your vital parameters: weight, hypertension, sleep, cardiovascular diseases and many other parameters.

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  • Release date : 06/10/2021
  • Author: Withings
  • License: Free license
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  • Operating system: Android – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

First of all, the connection is made very easily through the Bluetooth of your smartphone, which detects the scale to add it to the list of Withings devices. In fact, the manufacturer offers other connected health objects, such as the clock. Withings scan watch, sleep sensor Withings sleep analyzer or where the Core BPM used to measure blood pressure and perform an electrocardiogram.


The user then has the option of using the scale exclusively via the Bluetooth connection if there is no home Wi-Fi network or if the signal is too far away. But the most practical use is still the wireless network, which is chosen as a priority to avoid getting close to the phone to retrieve data.

Commissioning completed

Accounts and different modes

Once in place, the primary user is the one who configured the app. Here are two possibilities for adding other users. When the main account adds users, the data is visible to everyone. For greater confidentiality, it is possible to create a Withings account for each user, which in this way will keep their private data.

Also note that there are three other modes in addition to the default. Sports mode will be used by those who do sports intensively, which will influence the way muscle mass and fat are calculated. Pregnant women can activate the pregnancy guide for a personalized follow-up adapted to their condition. Finally, after the birth of a child, the scale can be used to weigh babies thanks to the baby mode that will calculate the difference in weight when weighing with and without a child in the parent’s arms.

In addition to these mode options, the user has the option of choosing what type of setting they want to display during weighing. The weight will be shown in all cases but it is also possible to have the evolution curve of the weight of the last days and all the other elements of the body composition.

Choice of measures

It is a question here of choosing only the display performed on the balance screen during weighing. In all cases, the complete results will be available for consultation in the application. However, the direct screen allows you to be informed directly without having to open the application.

During weighing, the user is recognized based on their weight. When the weights are close between multiple people, just press a little more to one side or the other on one foot to make a decision. And in the event of an error, it is always possible to reassign a measurement to the right person in the app.

User choice

Information is easy to read even in broad daylight and is displayed long enough to be clearly read.

Body measurements

The application allows you to view changes in weight and other measurements for shorter or longer periods. Carried out over several months, the indications on variations in fat or muscle mass offer the possibility of understanding what influences the fluctuations: season and diet, periods of more intense physical activity, etc.

Measurement tracking

All this information on body composition is very complete, but it is not the most advanced Withings scale. The Withings Body Cardio model adds to all these features the calculation of the pulse wave velocity that provides indications to assess the age of our arteries. If you are interested in this type of information, the Body Cardio currently sells for between 20 and 30 euros more than the Body +. If, on the other hand, the budget is a bit tight, competitors like Terraillon offer more affordable models with body composition measurements.

In addition, we cannot criticize this Body Plus much for anything more than a slightly high price, the price to pay to benefit from Withings’ experience, which highlights years of development, collaboration with health professionals and clinical tests for the design of your connected objects. However, it is regrettable that there is no possibility to “disconnect” the data logging on an ad hoc basis, to allow an unregistered person to use the scale without risking their data being disclosed.

Everything else is pretty good, whether it’s for athletes or anyone wanting to follow the important data represented by weight and other body composition information provided by the Withings Body + impedance scale. The well-designed Health Mate app makes it easy for the whole family to keep an eye on their health data and even be able to share it with a healthcare professional for help or advice.

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