WithSecure wants to improve OneDrive security

OneDrive, Microsoft’s online drive deeply integrated into Windows, like any other drive, can be the target of cyberattacks. If the service already integrates various protections, WithSecure offers to strengthen the security of exchange and collaboration.

The name WithSecure is not necessarily familiar to everyone. This is the new name for the F-Secure business unit, which has become a separate legal entity. Its flagship solution “WithSecure Elements” is a cloud-based cybersecurity platform focused on the protection and EDR of all types of Endoints, vulnerability management and collaboration protection.

This particular collaboration protection component has been updated with new protections to protect one of the core components of the Microsoft 365 platform: OneDrive.

Of course, there are already various shields in the Microsoft vault, especially to protect against ransomware. But WithSecure adds new layers of protection to this, as OneDrive is one of the pillars of remote work and hybrid work for many users.

“Cloud collaboration tools are on the rise. However, major changes are taking place in the cloud, and organizations continue to adapt,” explains Leszek Tasiemski, Head of Product at WithSecure. “These widely used tools are not secure enough. Therefore, they are the main attack vectors for hackers. »

OneDrive protection complements the dedicated WithSecure Elements collaboration security screens. In particular, protection ensures that every file uploaded to the online space is carefully scanned and analyzed. This advanced analysis is based on WithSecure’s EDR technologies, threat intelligence and a multi-stage approach. As a general rule, whenever a file is perceived to be potentially dangerous, it is executed and analyzed in an apparently isolated and secure cloud sandbox environment. Any malicious and blocked or deleted files. File monitoring is continuous, rescanning after each change.

WithSecure intends to extend this protection to other cloud collaboration and sharing spaces. “WithSecure Elements will support an increasing number of collaboration tools and platforms. The platform also relies on user behavior analysis and real-time detection and response in the cloud. We are always striving to better define the relationship between identities, devices, and cloud assets. The goal is to offer companies complete and immediate visibility into their environment. WithWithSecure Elements, professionals can manage all their security from a single screen, both in the cloud and in their physical infrastructure and in their applications,” concludes Leszek Tasiemski.

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