Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: An Xbox exclusive inspired by Nioh and Sekiro finally shows gameplay!

Game news Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: An Xbox exclusive inspired by Nioh and Sekiro finally shows gameplay!

Published on 26.08.2022 at 15:54

It was during the Summer Game Fest Xbox conference that Microsoft introduced Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, a very interesting exclusive developed by Team Ninja. Today we finally have gameplay, and yes, it looks promising.

Outcast who quits

As you know, exclusives are the tendons of war, at least in part. So when Microsoft isn’t buying entire publishers, it has teamed up with the iconic Japanese studio Team Ninja, to which we owe references like Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, or even two Niohs. Hence, the brat in his field, who will soon deliver Wo Long to the Fallen Dynasty.

And inevitably, when a giant like Microsoft commissions that firm to put a big-budget game on Game Pass, we have to keep a close eye on it. It is after the first trailer, balanced during the Summer Game Fest, that Koei Tecmo provides us today with an unpublished trailer: short of one minute, it turns out to be very intense and finally provides the gameplay, do you want it? , here.

And Souls-like on top?

At the very least, we can say that Team Ninja has nothing to learn when it comes to making action games. The Ninja Gaiden franchise is one of the best known beat the all franchises, while Nioh is frankly regarded as Souls-like. So where is the Fallen Dynasty of Wo Long?

Undeniably, this one is reminiscent of the two Niohs and seems to be inspired by Software’s Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (with all the parry and counter-attack system) while still using beat ’em up mechanics. Fierce combat awaits you in a 1v1 game, as well as more brutal encounters with multiple opponents at the same time. In short, the experience looks promising and frankly powerful.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will release in early 2023 on Xbox Series and PC. And it will be in Game Pass, of course. A release is also planned for PlayStation.

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