wokism, cancellation culture, racism, postmodernism, identity politics

New viruses of thought. Wokisme, cancel culture, racism… and other ideologies that kill common sense

Wauqism, racism, cultural abolition, postmodernism, identity politics… these ideologies seek to impose a new moral order by relentlessly attacking science, reason, and freedom of expression. Teachers censor themselves for fear of offending feelings or being punished. Organizations no longer recruit according to skills, but according to the dogma of diversity. Our entire society suffers from victimized clientelism, censorship and political correctness. We are witnessing the methodical destruction of the values ​​that supported the Copernican revolution, the spirit of the Enlightenment and universal principles.

Gad Saad, the world-famous evolutionary psychologist, shows how these “thought viruses” threaten our fundamental freedoms and lead us into deadly sectarianism, an irrational abyss characterized by a rejection of reality and scientific truth. With sarcastic humor, he points out the inconsistencies and contradictions of the “awakened thought” apostles who try to reduce people to their ethnicity, gender, or religious affiliation. He draws on evolutionary biology and behavioral psychology to describe the springs and psychological manipulations that set the strategy of emotions and lead to the infantilization of minds and the loss of reason and common sense.

Gad Saad chairs the Darwin Behavioral and Consumption Science Research Chair at Concordia University in Montreal and teaches at the prestigious John Molson School of Business. Author of several bestselling books on human behavior and articles published in renowned scientific journals. Since 2013, he has been running the YouTube channel The Saad Truth, which is watched by millions of Internet users.

Culture Wokisme and Cancel

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