World Divorce: Simplified Online Tool

JuridiQC offers a technological tool that will help childless couples who want to get a divorce, simplify the procedure and at a lower cost.

Last week, JuridiQC launched a new technology tool designed to help childless couples seeking an amicable divorce. Free and easy to use, this tool helps divorced couples create their own joint divorce case. The tool accompanies divorced spouses step by step, from preparing documents to filing an application with the court. In Quebec, 38% of citizens represent themselves when it comes to filing a legal request of a marital or family nature.

Spousal Empowerment

“Many people try to fend for themselves to deal with their legal marital status,” says Me Daniel Blondin, President and CEO of SOQUIJ. It is for them that JuridiQC launched this tool as an additional service to existing resources. We are not trying to replace a lawyer or a notary, but we are giving a form of autonomy to citizens who want it. »

How it works ?

To be eligible, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The absence of a child born from your union.
  • Live in Quebec for at least one year.
  • Separate yourself for at least a year.
  • Do not start any other legal proceedings related to your current marriage.
  • Do not participate in criminal proceedings.
  • Not be the subject of a civil protection order or petition for one.
  • Do not participate in a case concerning the protection of youth.

If you meet these conditions, the two of you can complete the file by completing each of the steps. Once the forms are filled out and the necessary documents (such as marriage certificate and prenuptial agreement) are collected, you must complete the file upload and assembly process, and then start printing. “Currently, there is no electronic filing system: you have to print and send or bring your case to the courthouse you depend on,” says Mi Blondin. Depending on your address, the tool will direct you to the right courthouse. Each of them has its own characteristics, and JuridiQC will help you submit your request correctly.

JuridiQC’s collaborative divorce assistance tool avoids the costly services of a lawyer or family mediator. However, its use does not affect the processing of your file by the legal system or the time it takes to render a decision, which varies by region.

You should also be aware that you will have to pay a fee of $122 to open your joint divorce case in court, this amount includes registration of the divorce proceedings with the registry office.

Additional Resources

JuridiQC’s collaborative divorce help tool is designed in a popular language so that everyone can fully understand the steps and issues. Do not be shy, if you feel insecure, seek help from a loved one or a professional. You can find contact information for lawyers, notaries, and family mediators in your area in the JuridiCQ resource directory.

The JuridiQC website was created by the Société québécoise d’information juridique (SOQUIJ) at the request of the Ministry of Justice as part of a plan to modernize the justice system for professionals and citizens. His services are free.

Providing citizens with clear legal and psychosocial information, providing a directory of useful resources (lawyers, notaries, family mediators) and supporting individuals.

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