World of Tanks Blitz trailer unveils the graphical improvements of update 7.0 –

Trailer World of Tanks Blitz Unveils Graphical Improvements in Update 7.0

On the occasion of its sixth anniversary, World of Tanks Blitz unveils the numerous graphic additions of update 7.0 on video.

This new update to World of Tanks Blitz is available now and brings more playing comfort thanks to the introduction of new graphic improvements like the addition of dynamic shadows. But that’s not all, for more realism, after their passage, the tanks leave furrows on the ground. We also learn that the recoil of firearms has been improved, and that shells now leave different marks of damage. So that the different machines can benefit from World of Tanks Blitz, the MMO also adds a menu allowing to activate or not the graphic improvements.

With 137 million downloads and over 27,000 different devices to support the game, it’s imperative that everyone can still enjoy the game after making major updates. We have therefore added a graphic personalization menu. This way players are free to choose what is on or off, and this gives them greater control over their Blitz experience. We hope all of our players will enjoy the birthday celebrations and good luck on the battlefield! Andrey Ryabovol, Product Director of World of Tanks Blitz

Obviously, this is not the only novelty of this 7.0 update, since it also introduces new British light tanks for high level players (FV 301, Vickers Cruiser, Vickers Light 105) and also adds festivities This big party spanning several weeks starts with a special event which will take place from June 19 to 29. The latter offers players to track down a single tier VI tank, the P.43 / 06 Anniversario, to unlock a birthday player profile.

On July 9, players will also be able to access the limited-time game mode called Skirmish. As a reminder, the latter offers two teams of five players to compete on restricted cards in order to favor confrontations.

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