World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic: Magtheridon’s Lair, Our Guide

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The Burning Crusade has returned to World of Warcraft Classic since the beginning of June and allows millions of nostalgic gamers to rediscover one of Blizzard’s most famous MMORPG expansions. On this occasion, here is our guide to Magtheridon’s lair.

Since the beginning of the month, many players have been able to discover or rediscover World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic, the very first expansion of the game of the same name. Between its dungeons and lairs, the game has many raids to be carried out as a team.

Magtheridon’s lair is a playable raid with 25 players, accessible from the launch of The Burning Crusade. This place is the lair of Magtheridon, once a powerful Lord of the Abyss and reigning over Outland, imprisoned by Illidan Stormrage in Hellfire Citadel.

This raid turns out to be very fast and will reward you with T4 equipment if you defeat Magtheridon. You can access this lair once you reach level 65, although reaching level 70 will put even more chances on your side. here is our Detailed guide to Magtheridon’s lair:

Defeat Magtheridon

Reaching Magtheridon takes place in three distinct phases. The former Lord of the Abyss is held captive by the group of Hellfire Channelers and your raid will have to interrupt their ritual to free Magtheridon and face him on your own.

Phase 1

Once in the room, you will face five Hellfire Channelers, each placed in front of a Mantricon cube. Ideally, kill at least three of them after two minutes of combat. It is after this period of time that Magtheridon will be released and you don’t want to have to worry about too many enemies at once.

In addition, for each Canalist killed, others will gain 30% more damage and cast 30% faster. They have the skills Bolt of Shadow Bolts, Soul Transfer, Dark Healing and are able to summon Burning Abyssal.

Phase 2

By following this well, there should be only two or no Canalist still living in the lair. It’s here that coordination between the members of your raid will become extremely important. Magtheridon now freed, he will try to throw you an explosive Nova that is probably deadly for your group. To avoid a surprise defeat, click on the five Mantricon cubes. Activating them will ban Magtheridon again for three seconds, which will also have the effect cancel his Explosive Nova.

Phase 3

Reducing Magtheridon’s health to 30% will activate the last phase of this fight. At this point, the lord of the abyss will destroy the ceiling of his lair himself and your raid will have to dodge the many debris that will fall on your head. Beyond this unexpected event, the mechanics of the third phase remain the same. Keep clicking on the five cubes of Mantricon at the same time to defeat Magtheridon once and for all.

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