World’s first 232layer NAND memory shipped by Micron

This month, Micron announced the availability of the world’s first 232layer NAND memory, offering customers greater design flexibility while delivering the highest TLC density per square millimeter ever produced, at 14.6 Gb/mm2. Micron says the surface density is 35100% greater than competing TLC products.

Providing customers with the industry’s fastest NAND I/O speed of 2.4 gigabytes per second (GB/s), Micron 232 NAND delivers low latency, high throughput requirements for datadriven workloads such as AI, unstructured databases data, real time analytics and cloud computing.

232layer NAND memory

“Micron’s 232layer NAND memory is a watershed moment for storage innovation as it is the first proof that 3D NAND can be scaled to over 200 layers in manufacturing,” said Scott DeBoer, executive vice president of technology and products at Micron. “This groundbreaking technology required extensive innovation, including enhanced technological capabilities to create high aspect ratio structures, new materials, and cuttingedge design improvements based on our marketleading 176layer NAND technology.”

“The development of 232layer NAND memory is the result of Micron’s leadership in research, development and technological advancement. The revolutionary capabilities of this NAND memory will enable customers to offer more innovative solutions for data centers, thinner and lighter laptops, the latest mobile devices and other smart peripherals. Micron’s 232layer NAND memory is currently in mass production at the company’s Singapore plant. It is initially shipped to customers in component form and through the Crucial SSD consumer product line. Additional product announcements and availability will be posted at a later date. “

Source: Micron

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