Worms Rumble Fully Loaded: Edgy Worms Return to Next Gen

Good plan news Worms Rumble Fully Loaded: Edgy Worms Return to Next Gen

Those nostalgic for the good old days remember this extraordinary game which knew how to thrill young and old in intense games. The franchise returns through a new opus called Worms Rumble Fully Loaded, already available for pre-order and scheduled for June 22.

Pre-order Worms Rumble Fully Loaded

Worms is a separate license in the video game landscape. Indeed, this army of worms thirsty for combat never ceases to kill each other through Dantesque turn-based battles. The license, much appreciated by gamers, wants to renew itself and therefore takes advantage of the arrival of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft to offer a new opus, Worms Rumble Fully Loaded!

Without being revolutionary, this new title will allow fans to compete in multi-player battles and be the last to survive.



What you need to know about Worms Rumble Fully Loaded

Worms 2021 is a strategy action game in which you have to go to war with a group of earthworms. Dozens of weapons are at your disposal to achieve your ends. Bazookas, grenades, missiles and much more …

The opinion of

Score: 14/20

Worms Rumble transposes its franchise into the world of Battle Royale. Much more nervous and faster than its predecessors, the game retains what is the salt of the license but imposes new rules. By focusing on fights exclusively online, Team 17 takes the risk of turning away from some fans but we can imagine that the publisher has some ideas to boost the content a little stingy in this episode. For now, there is plenty of fun thanks to excellent maps, a very clean production and crazy voices (different languages ​​are available and ZeratoR even participated in the dubbing) which set the mood. Sold at around fifteen euros, the game has potential but the start is a bit shy.

We invite you to read the full review for more information on this title.

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