Would Bloober Team (The Medium) develop the next Silent Hill?

The Medium launched on the Xbox Game Pass on January 28, almost a month ago, the opportunity for the CEO of Bloober Team to discuss the reception of the title and the future of the studio. On the other hand, Silent Hill fans are holding their breath at the growing rumor of an imminent license return and in his interview with Games Industry, Piotr Babieno teases the Polish studio’s possible involvement in the game’s development.

The Medium has its place in Xbox Game Pass

Bloober Team has been around since 2008 but it wasn’t until 2014, after the launch of Basement Crawl, that the team began to think about the success that certain titles had brought to other studios. From that moment on, Bloober turned to psychological horror games, of which The Medium was the first designed but it was not until hardware capable of running the game, which happened to be the Xbox Series X | S.

More than being able to run the game, it was necessary to “save the time” of players divided between video games and other entertainment and therefore reach the largest possible audience. This is where the Xbox Game Pass played a key role as it helped publicize the studio with its previous works like Blair Witch and Observer before introducing The Medium in the best possible way: Babieno claims that a system such as Game Pass is very practical for making your brand known very quickly when you launch a new IP.

At the helm to relaunch Silent Hill?

Bloober enlisted the help of composer Akira Yamaoka to put a touch of Silent Hill to his horror style. It seems that the producer doesn’t want to limit himself to inspiration and could be in charge of the successful license reboot. Indeed in his interview Babieno confided to work for more than a year on another horror IP “with a very famous editor”. He did not reveal the name of the project but conceded that people will be very excited once they know which one it is.

In addition, the VGC site understands that Konami has been looking for a studio for a few years to take care of its flagship license. Akira Yamaoka also said he was working on a second project with Bloober, before assuring in an interview for Al Hub now withdrawn from YouTube that the next title would be “the one we hoped to hear news about”.

Babieno ensures that psychological horror games remain in the DNA of the studio, which will continue to offer AA titles with “the graphic finesse and animations of an AAA”, but shorter than the latter. However, the Polish producer would like to add action to his narrative and try his hand at thriller, like titles like Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 or Resident Evil Village. If rumors are to be believed, the next Silent Hill could be the first in line.

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