WoW Dragonflight Quest Pass Returns for Quick Side Professions

The convenient WoW Dragonflight quest skip is back and should make the WoW Dragonflight leveling process a little smoother for your alts. Jumping, which was available at the start of Dragonflight’s launch, makes it easier for players to gain professional knowledge of alternate classes in Blizzard’s MMORPG. However, he temporarily disappeared from World of Warcraft, only to return now.

After your first character completed the quests at the Craft Consortium branch in the Dragon Isles, your other characters were given the option to skip the quest entirely by telling Hephaestus that you had already met Hadin. This will instantly allow you to bypass the quest chain and transfer the Dragon Lore Fragment, which will give you a profession knowledge point in your chosen profession.

As Wowhead reports, this jump disappeared from Dragonflight shortly after launch, but is now back, meaning you can enjoy it once again. However, unfortunately, you only have a chance to do this once, and it appears quite early – it becomes available if you are on a level 60 character with skill 1 in any gathering or crafting profession from the Dragon Isles.

This means that if you have ever played one of your altos, you may have already completed the first quest “Artisan’s Courier”. If so, unfortunately you will no longer have the option to skip the quest and will need to complete the entire quest chain to turn in your Dragon Lore Fragment. If you still have alts that you want to level up, this will make life easier for you.

Our WoW Dragonflight tier list should help you decide which classes to prioritize in the new expansion, and we’ve got all the best WoW add-ons to make your game as fun and functional as possible. If you still decide to head to the Dragon Isles, check out our WoW Dragonflight review and interview with WoW streamer Aya to find out how the latest World of Warcraft expansion changes things up.

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