WRC10 PlayStation 5 Review: It’s Mud Time

The official game of the rally championship is here. Join us in this review of WRC10 for PlayStation 5.

Rallies have always accompanied the video game industry. Its route is very long and passes through innumerable platforms. Little by little, the genre has diversified and added new approaches to the formula. But WRC10 is pure. In this WRC10 Test for PlayStation 5 we give you the keys to his good work.

The French studio Kylotonn has taken the measure of the game. They have been operating the franchise for several years and, in addition, they are picking up games from other franchises, such as V-Rally 4. Come on, this is not a rookie study in rally games … and it shows in this WRC10.

You against time

At this point, I don’t think you have to explain to anyone what a rally is about. However, it is possible that so many years and so-called rally games have distorted our memory of the competition. Rallies are timed and scenic competitions. That is, you are not racing against other cars at the same time, but racing for the best time.

That said, we will have to face each step with our heads. WRC10 is not an arcade game, although it is not the hardest simulator either. It’s halfway there and can be a challenge for purists of the genre or a demanding but satisfying game for those looking for a more arcade experience.

We will visit very different biomes.

And I think that in this demanding arcade tone is the key and the main quality of the game. Unlike other games like DIRT 5, this WRC10 will require a lot of braking on the part of the player and, above all, a lot of attention to what is at stake. in front of him, since the roads (to call it somehow) are very narrow and a fault can knock him off the track.
There will be some players who find the game too demanding, but this is not the case. As soon as you master the cars, you will find yourself beating other racers in the stages of a championship, and trust me, there are few things more rewarding. And if it costs you, you can adjust the difficulty.

As a final note, keep in mind that the cars feel very different from each other. It is not the same to compete with a WRC2 car, which tends to go slower, than to jump to the top category with cars that practically fly. The control of the vehicle and especially the use of the brake are essential.


WRC10 has several game modes, the main one will be Career Mode, where we will simulate the career of a driver and his co-driver in the WRC world, of course, starting from the bottom. It is a very complete way in which we will have to choose a sponsor, contracts, parameters and a long etc.

We are part of the team and they tell us clearly from the beginning. In the calendar we can see the different events that we have, which will range from training races, races in 50 anniversary mode (we will talk about this) or the rallies themselves. Overcoming each event will give us experience points with which to improve aspects of our team, such as R + D + i.

But the interesting thing is the rally itself. These will have several stages and a global time that will take into account all our participations. So, if in one step you made a fool of yourself but in the next you gave the second competitor 10 seconds, you will have saved the ballot.

WRC10 test for PlayStation 5 2We will have to manage a whole team

And we must bear in mind that the stages are part of a rally, because the damage to the car, as well as the wear of the tires, will accompany us throughout the championship. We can correct them, but if we exceed X times we will incur a penalty.

In this way, WRC10 ensures that the player does not go crazy and thinks well every time they step on the brake or the accelerator, thus promoting that driving to the limit that characterizes rallies and penalizing those who go crazy.

Try to start it, Carlos

In Career mode, you have to add two other single player modes. On the one hand, we have the typical fast game that will allow us to choose the championship, stage, car, weather, time of day and all kinds of characteristics that we want to play. Simple, like when you don’t want to eat your head too much. The tournament mode, as its name suggests, allows us to choose a tournament and play it, being able to choose its duration and other needs.

The 50th anniversary mode stands out, where players will be challenged to participate in mythical stages with vehicles of the time. This mode is very curious because it gives us the opportunity to compete with different vehicles, from a time when the rally was quite different.

WRC10 test for PlayStation 5 3At any moment we will see the times of our rivals

As for the multiplayer facet, we will have club, online, ranking, co-pilot and split screen modes. Of course, in all these modes we will not compete directly with other players. Well, we really do, but it will not be your car that we will see in real time, but their ghost. A very good solution to maintain the spirit of the rallies without losing competitiveness.

Graphics and sound

The truth is that this WRC10 is far from being a graphic pointer. It doesn’t look bad, calm down, but in the driving genre we have seen much more spectacular things, like the DIRT 5. Also, some frame drops have been observed in areas where there is a public. Something strange, but remarkable. Some tears were also noticed when taking a turn, but something very punctual.

Where the good news is in the sound. The game sounds good, the sound of the engines and the car going through the different types of terrain, it is something very successful. Special mention to the use of the DualSense loudspeaker that returns the command, since when the car enters the gravel, we can hear the “stones” bouncing against the car’s sheet metal. Something really curious. And speaking of the DualSense, the use of the triggers is also very successful, especially the brake, which offers greater resistance and vibration.

WRC10 test for PlayStation 5 4It has a curious photo mode to be able to see our cars well


WRC10 is a great rally game. Halfway between arcade and simulation, but more oriented towards the latter, we are offered a game with a behavior that will delight the most demanding and offer an acceptable challenge to the newest. With a deep and worked Career mode, we have all the ingredients for a very rewarding experience driving at 100 km / h on unpaved departmental roads.

WRC10 test for PlayStation 5

WRC10 PlayStation 5 Review: It’s Mud Time


Halfway between arcade and simulation, but more oriented to the latter, WRC10 offers us a very complete game with one of the most rewarding training sessions we have seen. With some minor technical problems, WRC10 will keep us going with its game modes and, more specifically, with a Career mode that is as complete as it is entertaining.


Driving, demanding but rewarding

Career mode, very entertaining and complete

The very successful sound associated with the use of DualSense

50th anniversary mode


Some technical problems

Career mode is a bit tricky at first

Does not stand out graphically

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