Wrestlers are ready to enter the ring

Clipped by a pandemic that has dragged on for too long, North Pro Wrestling won’t be long in coming back to its normal state, which was announced Friday.

Starting September 4th, jingle performers will invade the Moncton Lions Club with a final between two of Canada’s biggest stars, Ontarian Josh Alexander, reigning X-Division Impact Wrestling champion, and Le Gulet’s Acadian Marco Estrada, so feel free to call yourself the greatest ‘world champion ” in history.

North Pro promoter Markus Burke, nicknamed Eric Doucet, does not hide his joy in finding an audience.

“Our last gala was on January 17th at Casino New Brunswick,” says the Campbellton-based promoter. We even filled the casino with over 1000 people. This is the finest audience recorded at an independent gala in New Brunswick since the heyday of Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling. Thus, we are talking about an era that is more than 25 years old. “

“Unfortunately, the pandemic has cut our momentum. Everything was going well for us. However, we never thought to let go. We lost momentum and some money, but this is what we can get back. So if the last year and a half has been difficult, we are still getting back on track. On the evening of September 4, the country’s best independent wrestlers will perform. All the big names will be there, and there will even be surprises, ”he promises.

“Our plan is to get a television contract with the national network. North Pro intends to become a nationwide promotion, ”he said.

Eric Doucet also decided to create stars, as was done in the past. Once upon a time, wrestlers worked most of the year in the west of the country fighting panic running, and then returned to spend the summer in the east, whether in Quebec or Primorye, at the Atlantic Grand Prix in wrestling.

Eric Doucet does not intend to save on efforts to implement all of his projects. As proof, a gala is scheduled for November 13 at the Capitol Theater in Moncton. For this historic concert hall, this will be the first foray into its walls.

“It is the success in the casino that gives us access to the Capitol,” emphasizes Eric Doucet. We are confident that we will be able to fill a room that can accommodate more than 800 people. It will also be a very big evening. The first North Pro champion will be crowned this evening. NSPW Marine Champion Flip Gordon will also defend his title. ”

There are also some surprises planned for the evening at the Capitol.

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