X2 Pro Xbox Cloud and Android Mobile Game Controller

Mobile gamers may be interested in the new game controller created by the GameSir team in the form of the new X2 Pro, specially designed for cloud gaming services such as Xbox Cloud, Geforce Now and others, as well as for Android. Designed to provide users with a “consolelevel gaming experience,” the X2 Pro also features two additional assignable buttons on the back so you can display your gaming actions on the fly, even in the middle of a game, without the need for any software. The X2 Pro Mobile Game Controller is now available for $80, $80, or $90 depending on your location. Watch the promo video below.

X2 Pro Xbox Cloud and Android Mobile Game Controller

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X2 Pro is a clipon mobile controller with ergonomically designed buttons and textured grips that is secure and comfortable to hold. The LB/RB buttons are Kailh microswitches for faster actuation, with a 0.6mm actuation distance and analog LT/RT hall effect triggers for greater accuracy to within 0.1mm. Support for Android phones with a length of 110mm to 179mm.

“X2 Pro supports almost all popular streaming services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Remote Play, Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now and Amazon Luna, meaning gamers can now enjoy PC gaming and consoles. anytime and anywhere.

Designed to connect TypeC directly to your phone, the X2 Pro lets you simply plug in your phone and instantly jump into any controllerenabled games, from Diablo Immortal to Fortnite, with virtually no input lag. Now you can also charge your smartphone while using the controller with passthrough charging for uninterrupted gaming.”

  • Cloud and remote gaming for PC and consoles
  • Compatible with Android games with controller support
  • Analog triggers on the Hall effect (accurate to 0.1 mm)
  • Analog Joysticks ALPS
  • Kailh Microswitch Bumper: Haptic feedback with a reduced actuation distance of just 0.6mm, about 40% less than a conventional membrane controller.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth headphones or TWS headphones
  • Direct TypeC connection, low input lag
  • 2 sets of joystick caps
  • 2 ABXY layouts

Source: GameSir

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