Xbox Bethesda: joint conference in a few weeks

Xbox just confirmed some information about his relationship with Bethesda in an interview with Matt booty, the director of Xbox Games Studios, granted to Chloe woitier in the Figaro.

Gone is the white night of Sunday at E3?

The most interesting information right now is the joint Xbox – Bethesda conference in the next few weeks (we’re betting on E3 2021). Those accustomed to watching live presentations will not be surprised by this logical grouping. In fact, traditionally, these are the two Sunday conferences with Microsoft around 10 p.m. and Bethesda at 5 a.m., so our sleep is already grateful for this acquisition.

But Booty is reassuring, Bethesda keeps its independence and all of its publishing teams with its own marketing, communication and offices in different countries. Even at the creative level, we note a total creative freedom since the only directive of Xbox is to offer the games in the Game Pass as soon as they are released as for all other acquisitions.

Moreover, we are told that the Game Pass must not become a parameter to be taken into account during the production of a project. The example given is the refusal to analyze player data for an algorithmic creation à la Netflix but it is also assumed that this concerns the search for an economic model adapted to the service or quite simply a series of less ambitious but more regular games. to feed the catalog.

On Twitter, Chloé Woitier reveals some more information that is not in the article. We learn that according to Microsoft, the pandemic and teleworking have a stronger impact on new licenses than on suites. Finally, when asked about the possibility of other acquisitions in sight, Matt Booty replied that he could not say anything. Logically, he probably needs to know as much as we do about the current state of Warner Bros.

In short, meet most likely the evening of Sunday, June 13 if Xbox sticks to its usual schedule despite this special version of E3 2021. Note in passing that for several weeks, rumors have been talking about an appearance of Starfield.

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