Xbox: Beyond Generations, play as a family to get closer

After a very touching first video based on the loneliness of the elderly, Xbox reiterates the operation in this gloomy period in order to transmit a noble message to young people but also to the oldest. The situation of these people is only getting worse with the health crisis and it should not be forgotten that the feeling of isolation can have an impact not only on mental but also physical health.

In this short film, we discover Mary and Jason, grandmother and grandson, who although from the same family, never really knew each other. During these 3 minutes, despite the distance that separates them from each other, we see Jason showing his grandmother the functioning of a Xbox brand new and start explaining how to play Minecraft. Four weeks pass and allow the two protagonists to discuss their lives, while sharing a moment of pleasure and happiness, while driving at full speed on Forza Horizon 4 or sailing on the sea in Sea of ​​thieves.

The message is simple and beautiful but reminds us that in a society yet ultra connected, many people are left behind. Video games are presented here as a means of bringing generations together, but we can also see a desire to Microsoft, through this new marketing campaign, to reach a clientele that was not until now its core target.

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