Xbox Developer Direct: Aaron Greenberg Reveals Conference Length

Officially announced yesterday, the Xbox Developer Direct Conference, scheduled for January 25th, will bring millions of gamers together over the course of two weeks to learn more about the games coming to Xbox. Today, the famed Aaron Greenberg continues to provide valuable insights into this new format on Xbox.

The conference on January 25 will last 43 minutes

As you can imagine, the announcement of this first Xbox Developer Direct raised a lot of questions in the Xbox community, and Aaron Greenberg, one of the brand’s mainstays over the years, was one of the first to respond.

Yesterday we already learned that the conference will not have a host as such, and today Greenberg simply announced the duration of the show, and it will last 43 minutes.

“Also, as requested by many, our show will be 43 minutes long. As stated in this announcement, our goal was to be as transparent as possible about the development teams and games that will be featured on the show. Be sure to read the details of all 4 commands. »

Will they have enough time to tell us enough about Redfall, Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport and also The Elder Scrolls Online? That’s all we hope for and we already know that release dates will be announced.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 25th at 9pm to follow this first Xbox Developer Direct on YouTube and Twitch, and you can count on us to update you on the event by then and update you in two weeks.

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