Xbox Electric Volt Wireless Controller available on the Microsoft Store

Good plan news Xbox Electric Volt Wireless Controller available on the Microsoft Store

Since the release of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has offered a variation of its new controller in a wide range of colors, which continues to expand. Today, the Electric Volt model is added to the others! It is now available on the Microsoft Store.

This news will be aimed more at those who already have an Xbox Series X or S and who would like to equip themselves with a new Next Gen controller! The new model offers significant improvements on many points which we will detail. Nevertheless, we find that Microsoft seems to like rather flashy colors!

Available for purchase from the Microsoft Store

After the Pulse Red, the Shock Blue, here is the Electric Volt! This matte controller does not bring any technical innovations, but allows you to expand the range of colors available on Xbox controllers. Collectors can already rush to the Microsoft store to get one for pre-order.

Xbox Series Eletric Volt controller available on the store

Pulse Red, Shock Blue and now Electric Volt!

A new console is of course accompanied by a new controller! The Xbox Series X and S are no exception to the rule. The new controller has been modernized by Microsoft with a textured surface and more refined geometry to increase in-game comfort.

The first size addition is on the front of the controller with this Share button. You will be able to share your best moments directly by pressing the button! A first for Xbox. Xbox Accessories app allows key mapping according to your needs and thus personalize your accessory for a better grip.

Inspired by the previous generation Elite controller, Microsoft added a multidirectional cross to improve accuracy but still no palettes that will certainly be reserved for a future hypothetical Xbox Series Elite controller. Nevertheless, she rehearses a non-slip surface for a better grip. In short, Microsoft has kept all the qualities of the old version while erasing its few flaws. A real success that will delight fans of the brand.

Point to note, the controller is compatible with all Xbox and PC.

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