Xbox Elite 2 CORE controller: new tablet for 129.99 euros without accessories and more reliable

After numerous leaks, Microsoft has just formalized the Elite Series 2 CORE controller at a more competitive price than its older sister.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller – BASIC

This new Elite Series 2 controller shares the same overall design as the Elite Series 2 controller released in 2018, but does not come with additional accessories. It sells for a more attractive price of 129.99 euros and includes only a USB-C charging cable and a tool for adjusting the tension of the sticks.

There’s no extra stick, no extra paddles on the back, and you also don’t have a recharging base in the carrying case.

The release date for this new controller is set for September 21, 2022, and pre-orders are now open.

> Pre-order your controller from the Microsoft Store.

Buy accessories separately

If you’d like to buy the accessories separately, that’s also possible as Microsoft has also announced a pack of interchangeable parts for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 controllers.

It retails for €59.99 and includes interchangeable joysticks, paddles and crosses with different directions, all in a shipping box with charging station and USB-C cable.

> Pre-order accessory kit

More reliable controller!

Among the interesting improvements made to this controller, Microsoft points out that they listened to player feedback to make it a more reliable product.

We listened to feedback from players and continued to improve Elite Series 2 controllers to be even more powerful, using components designed for long life. For added peace of mind, Microsoft provides a one-year warranty on Elite Series 2 controllers. Elite Series 2 controllers are fully customizable so you can play the way you want.

Therefore, we hope that they will have increased durability and that issues with grips, keys, and joysticks will not affect this new version.

Finally, Microsoft has announced that this new controller will be customizable in the Xbox Design Lab later this year.

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