Xbox Elite Series 2 controller updated in white and more affordable version

While leaks have been circulating online for months now, Microsoft is confirming the launch of a white version of the Xbox Elite Series 2.

Without making any technical changes to its 2019-released Pro controller, Microsoft is using the new color announcement to make the Xbox Elite Series 2 more affordable. Indeed, this newcomer to the family costs from 129.99 euros against 179.99 euros for the historical model.

More affordable “Core Edition”, but devoid of accessories.

Microsoft is using the appropriate strategy in its new model. Presented in a flawless white dress, albeit with black dotted side handles, the controller launches a “Core Edition” that, as the use of the term requires, is limited to what is strictly necessary.

Thus, for 129.99 euros we get a wireless controller with an autonomy of 40 hours, equipped with adjustable stroke triggers and adjustable tension sticks. All actions can also be customized using a dedicated app (both Xbox and PC). But to enjoy the most complete experience, it will be necessary to add the accessory kit, which is sold for 59.99 euros.

So a total add-on of €199.99 allows you to get what the Series 2 already offers in the black version. Namely: four domes with different textures for the sticks, four palettes that are placed on the back of the controller, a spare D-Pad and a shipping case that also doubles as a charging box. A magnetic USB-C dock completes the box.

Comparison of Xbox Elite Series 2 releases.©Microsoft

Elite controller arrives at Xbox Design Lab

Not content with offering its flagship controller in a white version, Microsoft is announcing its upcoming arrival at the Xbox Design Lab, a site dedicated to advanced game controller customization.

By the end of the year, the premium controller will be customizable in around 29 colors and its button style can be seen customized at will in Microsoft’s digital workshop. Enough to give great gift ideas for the most doubtful.

For its part, Sony is a latecomer to the professional controller race. On the occasion of gamescom, the PS5 manufacturer has announced the upcoming launch of the DualSense Edge. A controller with advanced features, designed primarily for demanding players.

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