Xbox: Everwild (Rare) development starts from scratch

Yes Rare has indeed made its presence felt with the announcement of new additional content for its latest game Sea of ​​thieves, another major project was noticed by its absence during the conference Xbox annual pre-E3. Everwild, the weird dreamlike game from the English studio slated for Xbox Series X | S, has been missing since its last trailer in July 2020 and many expected to have some news of this ambitious first-party project for Microsoft …

Part of the answer would be found in the latest report from the VideoGameChronicles site which depicts complicated development. If we already knew that we shouldn’t expect to see Everwild land soon, the news is not the best for those who expected to get their hands on the new Rare title in 2022 … Nor in 2023, moreover.

Rare Credits

According to VGC sources, corroborated by reports from all-Xbox journalist Jeff Grubb, the development ofEverwild would take much, much longer than expected. So much so that the game would only be scheduled for 2024 – 5 years after its officialization during E3 2019.

A former Rare man at the helm

After the departure of his former creative director Simon Woodroffe and the arrival of his replacement Gregg Mayle, a veteran of the Rare teams having officiated on cult titles like Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country and more recently Sea of ​​thieves, Everwild would have been rebooted from top to bottom

“We were joined by Greg Mayles as Creative Director at the end of last year, and our team has never been stronger. Since we showed our Eternals trailer, we’ve continued to make progress on all aspects of Everwild. The team continues to work hard to update our vision and bring the magic of nature to Everwild for gamers and gamers across the world. ”

A lack of direction involved

If the studio seems to be in agreement on the memorable artistic direction of the title, its development would thus have been troubled by a lack of direction on the most essential aspects of the gameplay.

The latest headline report from last year describes “a third person adventure game featuring god game elements”- but it could well be that Everwild is totally different from that statement today.

The article also details how one of the prerequisites of the direction of Rare, opposing the presence of combat within the title, could have posed a problem for the game design teams. Needless to say, patience will be required …


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