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Today on the Daily menu we’re talking about the MultiVersus box, a big change for Xbox and Amazon Prime that raises prices, the Daily is gone.

Xbox Series gets faster

The new generation of consoles has arrived with graphical promises, but also with an SSD that promises very short or even non-existent loading times. So he promises faster cars that can start in seconds. Microsoft has just released a new update for Xbox Insiders gamers that significantly reduces the time it takes to launch the Xbox Series. This improvement is partly due to the engineers who designed a new animation for the Xbox logo to appear, saving valuable seconds.

MultiVersus: not yet released, but already a hit

MultiVersus is just in closed beta testing and already enjoying great success! Fighting game in the style of Warner Bros. According to SteamDB, the games recorded a peak of 62,433 concurrent players. This is the highest player record achieved by a fighting game in the history of the Valve platform. The open beta version of MultiVersus is available from today, July 26th, but those who participated in the alpha testing can access it from July 19th.

Amazon Prime Raises Prices

Amazon Prime has just announced to its customers a raise of more than 20 euros from September. This is the first time the American giant has raised prices in France. It was set at €49 per year or €5.99 per month. Thus, from September 15, the monthly rate will increase to 6.99 euros per month, and the annual subscription to 69.90 euros. For Amazon Student Prime, the monthly rate is between €2.99 and €3.49, while the annual version is between €24 and €34.95. To justify this 42.65% increase, Amazon mentions “an increase in Prime’s operating costs in France.”

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