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Diogo “diogojira” Ribeiro

– Posted on 22 September 2022 at 14:16

Microsoft provides an update on the new September update for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, which is now available.

So a long list of new features for this back-to-school update (long back-to-school, of course) that is now available for all Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S console owners. First, the new customization options for the Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers. So, okay, customization is a big word: do you see the little Xbox button that sits at the top of the flashy bezel? Well, it is now possible to change the magnifying glass to the color of your choice, rather than the simple white-green available by default. Even hue and saturation can be calibrated. It’s not bad. Microsoft is taking the opportunity to recall the release of a new Core model for its Elite Series 2 controller, a slightly lighter version of its big brother in both price and functionality.

Do you remember September 21 Xbox

As for the user interface, the toy library screen has finally received a long-awaited update. With a clearer display, it is now possible to switch between different directories for a list of available games. I must say that between the titles installed, purchased and scattered in various Game Pass and EA Play subscription services, you get lost very quickly. Still on the user experience side, there are new storage management options. They allow you to choose a default location (internal SSD, external storage) for installing various types of gaming software (games optimized for Xbox Series X | S, backward compatible games, apps).

Available for some time to members of the Xbox Insider Program, Xbox Chat Noise Cancellation is now available to everyone and will reduce unwanted microphone sounds, such as its controller clicks or breathing noises, for those who pick up their Halo Infinite pieces a bit. too much on my mind. A Group tab also appears to make it easier to start group discussions. Finally, the Windows Xbox Game Bar has been enhanced with the option to share screenshots for web or smartphone messaging apps.

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