Xbox Game Pass – 10 Microsoft Subscription Games Announced With Real-Time Loop Snippets

Mass and blockbuster.

While the Tokyo Game Show has just closed, Microsoft is resuming its usual momentum regarding its Xbox Game pass. So after the wave of Japanese games, 10 games are talking about them when it comes to joining the various subscription offer catalogs.

Already available:

Deathloop (Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Cloud): This is an end-of-September gaming event without a doubt. After a year of exclusivity for PlayStation and PC, Arkane is finally available on Microsoft media. And, of course, we encourage you to go on this first-class adventure through time.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker (on Xbox Series X|S and in the cloud): Previously available on PC with Xbox Game Pass, the adventure that invites you to recover materials in the weightlessness of space is reaching other subscription-based footholds. Also, to say that you will have to work hard to pay off the debt of 1,252,594,441.92 loans that you entered into…

From September 22:

SpiderHeck (on consoles and PC): As we know, the world of video games is always ready to offer special experiences. And for the occasion, a very special one will arrive on the first day: the SpiderHeck. In a programme? A frenetic action game in which glowing spiders fight to the death. Yes Yes…

Beacon Pines (Console, PC, and Cloud): Still on track for day one, it’s about to be a much softer game to get noticed. However, if the allure of animal heroes is palpable, there is a dark secret behind this adventure that plays with words to change fate.

Slime Rancher 2 (on Xbox Series X | S, PC and Cloud): It’s time again for a product that will be in Microsoft’s subscription offering from day one. However, it won’t be the full game yet, as Slime Rancher’s second adventure is still in Early Access. But in any case, it’s a good idea to leave with Beatrix LeBeau and sparkling slimes.

From 27 September:

Moonscars (on consoles, PC and cloud): On the other hand, it’s not surprising… If it’s really a day one release, we knew for a good month that this dark metroidvania with soul-like aspirations would work. this way. But that doesn’t stop you from being interested in his promising adventure.

Grounded (on consoles, PC and in the cloud): Microsoft has promised that after spending months and months in Early Access, the survival game developed by Obsidian Entertainment will finally reach its version 1.0. Therefore, from this day on, it will be about enjoying the full adventure of the game, which shrinks in a garden as lush as it is dangerous.

From September 29:

Let’s build a zoo (on consoles, PC and in the cloud): Build your own zoo, its enclosures, so that your animals live well, breed … this is not a very original and rare video in the game world. However, beyond that pixelated paw and above all the ability to give life to completely crazy species to reach an incredible figure of over 300,000 varieties, Let’s Build a Zoo has this unique little charm.

Walheim (PC): Still in early access since its release in February 2021, the Iron Gate title no longer has the same aura as its sensational debut. However, a small appearance on Xbox Game Pass could allow this Viking universe survival sauce adventure to rise to the top once again.

Paw Patrol Grand Prix (Console, PC, and Cloud): Finally, to wrap up this big streak of arrivals on Xbox Game Pass, it all ends with a small children’s production coming out on day one. Children’s production that will play Mario Kart in the world of the animated series.

If ten games arrive in Xbox Game Pass, twelve of them will do the opposite. So if you like any of them, you have until September 30th to open/finish it before it leaves the catalog:

– AI: The Somnium Files (Console, PC and Cloud)

– Astria Ascending (Console, PC and Cloud)

– Dandy Ace (Console, PC and Cloud)

– Dirt 4 (on PC) EA Play

– Dirty Rally (PC) EA Play

– Going Under (Console, PC and Cloud)

– Lemnis Gate (Console, PC and Cloud)

– Slime Rancher (Console, PC and Cloud)

– Subnautica: Below Zero (Console, PC and Cloud)

– Procession to Calvary (on console, PC and in the cloud)

– Invisible (on console, PC and cloud)

– Face (on console, PC and in the cloud)

Now you know all about Xbox Game Pass at the end of September.


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