Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Tried in Ireland and Colombia

This week, Microsoft announced the availability of a new Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Trial in Ireland and Colombia. Starting this week in these countries, Xbox Insiders can start previewing a plan that allows multiple people to share Game Pass Ultimate benefits. It’s even easier to play the library of games available with Microsoft Game Pass, console, PC, and the cloud. To participate in the preview, you must purchase the “Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview” Game Pass plan from the Microsoft Store.

To find out more about when the plan will be available in your country, visit the official new Xbox website using the link below.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when joining a family plan: the people you share your membership with don’t have to be Insiders, but must live in the same country as you. In addition, if you join the Game Pass Insider Preview, the remaining time in your membership will be converted to time in the new plan based on the cash value of the old membership. “A full month of Ultimate will be converted to 18 days of membership for this plan. This way you won’t lose the remaining value of your existing subscription after the conversion. The conversion is permanent and users must wait until their new membership expires before reverting to their previous membership,” explains Microsoft.

Xbox Game Pass Family Plan

Xbox Game Pass Known Issues:

  • Invited members with an existing subscription may experience an error when accepting the invitation. We are working on a way to allow these members to cancel the invitation immediately in order to accept it.
  • Attempts to update twice within 24 hours will be blocked. For example, upgrading from Xbox Live Gold to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will work, but attempts to upgrade from Ultimate to Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview will be blocked for 24 hours. Currently, attempting to do so displays a generic error code.
  • Family members with a Microsoft account will not receive an email when automatically added to a group. Master account holders can automatically share benefits with Microsoft account family members. We’re working on sending a confirmation email so that family members don’t have to explicitly accept the invitation in order to gain access.
  • The primary account owner may see a “Something went wrong” error message when trying to grant access to two or more family members of Microsoft Accounts immediately after purchase. Please wait a bit and try again. Also, try sharing via email or link.
  • Error when trying to purchase Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview plan. If you are blocked from purchasing with this error code: PEXCatalogAvailabilityDataNotFound, please report the issue by following the steps in the Insider subreddit here. You can work around this by restarting the Microsoft Store and trying your purchase again.
  • Subscription Sharing The “Get Help” link on takes you to the homepage, not to a specific support article that provides help.
  • Group management invitations and emails are currently in English only. We are working on additional languages ​​for these emails.

Source: Microsoft: Xbox

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