Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family: Microsoft confirms new formula and reveals its price

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family is official. Microsoft has confirmed launches in Ireland and Colombia. He also took the opportunity to unveil the cost of a new subscription formula aimed at friends and family.

The leak mentioned the existence of Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family just a few days ago. Microsoft has just officially confirmed its existence. As the name suggests, Game Pass Friends & Family is a new formula for the Xbox subscription service aimed at families and friends. Indeed, it allows subscribers to share their account with up to 4 other players.

Xbox controller – Photo: Sam Pak / Unsplash

Having lost some of its best games, Xbox Game Pass welcomes a new formula that is sure to be very popular with gamers. Indeed, Microsoft has confirmed that this formula allows you to add “up to four friends and family members, whether they live under the same roof or not.” However, Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family is only available in Ireland and Colombia at first.

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€21.99 per month for Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family in Ireland

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family costs €21.99 per month in Ireland and COP 49,900 in Colombia. Players do not need to be at the same address to share a subscription. The only obligation is that they must live in the same country. Thus, a subscription for 21.99 euros per month for 5 players costs approximately 5.5 euros per month, which is especially advantageous.

So players can enjoy all the benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just a few euros per month. As such, subscribers have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Live, EA Play, and the PC version of Game Pass. By the way, Death Stranding appeared in PC Game Pass just a few days ago. As Microsoft explained, “Each person uses their Xbox account and profile to save their games, track their progress, and get personalized recommendations.”

After testing the new formula in Ireland and Colombia, Microsoft plans to add more countries and regions in the coming months. Therefore, we will have to wait a bit before we know the launch date and price of the Friends & Family Game Pass in France.


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