Xbox Game Pass – Hi-Fi Rush, GoldenEye 007 and 7 more games join Microsoft’s subscription offering

A good choice for the beginning of February.

If you own an Xbox or PC console, it’s likely that Developer_Direct hasn’t escaped your attention. And it is quite possible that you, like many others, were captivated by the unexpected presentation of Hi-Fi Rush, the new Tango Gameworks, already available, including on Xbox Game Pass.

The subscription offer alone had more than stock and there are eight other games to keep everyone finding what they’re looking for, while Dead Space Remake is here and Hogwarts Legacy: L’Hogwarts Legacy is looming ( and declares himself quite favorable).

From January 27:

– GoldenEye 007 (on consoles and in the cloud): True Nintendo 64 legend GoldenEye, with Tina Turner’s incredible vocals, remains without a doubt the most beloved James Bond game, even if IO Interactive’s game hopes to outsmart it. But for now, time is in the past with this updated version, which apparently retains the quad-screen split mode, perfect for losing loved ones.

From January 30:

– Roboquest (Early Access on Consoles): Roboquest, now available on PC with Game Pass, delivers a score that will be appreciated by those who responded to its anticipated sirens. An energetic roguelite first-person shooter that can be played solo or in 2-player co-op that relies on procedural generation, Roboquest offers everything you’d expect from a game of this nature.

From January 31:

– Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (on consoles and in the cloud): like GoldenEye, this is one of the most popular games in its field. And today, Age of Empire II is coming to consoles along with optimizations that obviously make it more enjoyable and easier to play with a controller.

– Inkulinati (on consoles, PC and in the cloud): it will appear on the first day of the Microsoft subscription. And, above all, it will happen with this completely insane visual paw where we fight on the book and where martial arts actors gradually build their armies. It remains to be seen if these Marginalias can do more than surprise the eye to make a statement in the strategy universe of video games.

– JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R (on consoles, PC and cloud): The legendary Japanese animated series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has been the subject of quite a few video game adaptations. But in the case of All-Star Battle R, the recipe is pretty nice when it comes to determining which of the fifty fighters in the game is the strongest, even if it’s obviously Iggy.

from February 2

– Darkest Dungeon (on consoles, PC and cloud): This is a dark dungeon, it is obviously useless to imagine it. Known among celebrities, this roguelike is as sharply challenging as its visual imprint, Darkest Dungeon is an opportunity to have a good time in the world of turn-based combat. But don’t forget to bring a flashlight. Otherwise…

– Grid Legends (in the cloud via EA Play): while Forza Motorsport has just made an impression with its new presentation, it is Grid that invites those who want to play in the clouds to ask for hands on the wheels of prestige cars, as well as a history mode that requires, so that you crash Ravenwest in the company of driver Yume Tanaka.

– Hot Wheels Unleashed – Game of the Year Edition (Console, PC and Cloud): While Grid Legends is already in the arcade, Hot Wheels is the first to dive into it on all four wheels. Mario Kart style action, great speed, spectacular tracks… Hot Wheels is a good alternative for fans of the genre.

As always, along with these additions, some games are leaving the Xbox Game Pass catalog. And this month, on January 31, four of them will disappear:

– Donut County (Console, PC and Cloud)

– Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master (Console, PC and Cloud)

– Telling Lies (Console, PC and Cloud)

– Worms WMD (on consoles, PC and in the cloud)

you know all about Xbox Game Pass at the beginning of February.

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