Xbox Game Pass: Huge wave of departures planned for late September – Xbox One Mag

If in recent days the pace has accelerated significantly towards arrivals on the Xbox Game Pass side, then unfortunately this also applies to departures: a total of twelve new games that will leave the service within two weeks. In just a month, 23 items will be removed from the catalog compared to 18 entries.

A new major drain on the balance sheet, which will be negative, as it was already in August. First of all, it will force players to rush the respective games before they are recalled, otherwise they will have to buy them in order to continue them after September 30th. Among the titles to prioritize, we recommend the friendly Going Under and the terrifying Face. If you want to experience a Japanese style crime investigation adventure, feel free to launch AI The Somnium Files.

Here are all the games coming out of Xbox Game Pass at the end of September:

September 30th

  • slime rancher
  • Lemnis Gate
  • go under
  • Subnautica: below zero
  • Dandy Ace
  • blind
  • AI: Somnium Files
  • Astria Climb
  • Procession to the cavalry
  • Face

October 1

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