Xbox Game Pass: new offer lets you share your account with friends and family

Microsoft is preparing a new Game Pass subscription. Designed to be shared by multiple people, it will be called Friends and Family. We do not know exactly when it will arrive, but the first tests have already been carried out around the world.

Game Pass is Microsoft’s weapon of choice for this generation. This service allows you to play a large catalog of games by paying a monthly subscription. As with any subscription, some people share their account with other people. Microsoft has understood this and is working on a new proposal to match this usage.

Today, a leak gives us the name of this new subscription. It will simply be called Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family. It was the Aggiornamenti Lumia account that shed light even by sharing an image.

Xbox Game Pass is betting on sharing with this subscription

This subscription is already known, several stages of testing have already passed in Ireland or Colombia. Its name is very telling as Microsoft won’t restrict users to family only access as is the case with Office. So the idea would be to allow multiple people of their choice (up to four) to play games from the catalog at the same time for one subscription. Logically, the price should be slightly higher than the classic subscription, which costs 12.99 euros per month in the Ultimate version, but is good for multiple uses.

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Microsoft has not commented on the leak at this time, and information about this new offering is scarce. For example, we don’t know the price the Redmond firm is targeting, or even the release date. The start of testing may suggest a release before the end of the year, but nothing has been set yet.

Whatever the case, Microsoft continues to bet big on its Game Pass, a formidable weapon in the console war. With its rich catalog and strong exceptions (such as Starfield), the company intends to attract more and more players. The advantage of betting on more than just the console also avoids some painful concerns, such as those faced by Sony, which was forced to raise the price of its PS5.

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