Xbox Game Pass on PS5? Sony says no to Microsoft

While his $70 billion acquisition of Activision is under consideration, Microsoft is trying to prove that he won’t encroach on the principle of free competition. And for that, what better way than to hit Sony that doesn’t want to use Game Pass on their PlayStations?

Sony is ditching Game Pass on its PlayStations… but can we imagine anything else? // Sony

In a press release addressed to UK regulators, Microsoft explains that Sony is a slap in the face by offering Game Pass expansion to the PlayStation ecosystem. The news didn’t come as a surprise, but it gives Microsoft plenty of opportunity to show authorities looking into its titanic takeover plan for Activision-Blizzard that Sony is really behind openness and free competition is problematic.

The information comes as regulators keep a close eye on Microsoft’s intentions, which through this acquisition could achieve significant market dominance by getting their hands on the very popular Call of Duty license published by Activision. A license that Microsoft has promised to continue to use on the Xbox as well as on the PlayStation… but which should still be included in Game Pass.

Passing off Sony as a vengeful market leader… and lashing out at PlayStation Plus

“Xbox plans to add content from Activision Blizzard to its Game Pass multiplayer subscription. This will benefit gamers by increasing subscription costs and expanding access to Activision Blizzard content – ​​Activision Blizzard has not allowed its licenses to be included in third-party subscriptions in a meaningful way in the past,” explains Microsoft, taking the (slightly truncated) position. ) an outsider who is despised by the first player in the video game industry.

Microsoft says Sony has “decided to block Game
Pass from PlayStation” and that it “decided to protect its earnings from sales of newly released games rather than offering gamers the choice of accessing them through their PlayStation Plus subscription.” ytOIhLRoIr

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) October 12, 2022

It’s increased competition [du Game Pass] was not well received by market leader Sony, which decided to protect its revenue from the sale of newly released games, instead of offering gamers the choice of accessing them through their PlayStation Plus subscription,” continues Microsoft in a press release addressed to the British. regulators, advises Tom Warren, journalist for The Verge.

Microsoft’s argument basically boils down to Sony not needing Game Pass because it’s already number one in the market thanks to the PlayStation Plus offering. A way to play things in favor of the Redmond giant, which wants to prove it’s bona fide by revealing to regulators the underside of its relationship with Sony – and the latter’s rejection of the idea of ​​hosting a competing subscription service. on their own consoles, even if that means depriving players of the benefits of healthy competition.

While Sony’s decision seems logical given that Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now are direct competitors, it basically shows that Call of Duty is a fundamental part of the video game industry, for both Xbox and PlayStation. Call of Duty, which year after year is not only one of the best-selling games on the PlayStation, but also one of the highest-grossing games on the PlayStation.

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