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So yes, the PlayStation exclusive published by Annapurna Interactive is coming soon to Xbox Game Pass, but no, it won’t be Stray, the game puts us in the shoes of a cat during an enjoyable adventure. While waiting to find out if the game developed by BlueTwelve Studios will ever make it to our consoles, Maquette gives us a pleasant surprise by announcing its arrival on Xbox this winter and therefore directly on Xbox Game Pass.

Developed by the Californians at Graceful Decay, the game is an original puzzle game. Thus, the player must interact with the model, which is in the center of the place it represents, and the actions performed in this way have a direct impact on the environment. A concept that is somewhat reminiscent of Subliminal’s concept, which played with visuals to solve puzzles.

Be warned though, Maquette is one of the few games released by Annapurna Interactive that received some pretty negative reviews upon release. Therefore, we hope that the game will appear in a slightly revised version to compensate for its main shortcomings. And for those who want to understand the concept a little better (they say I’m bad at explaining…), here’s a video that should enlighten you:

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