Xbox Game Pass: The nervous release of the day is available – Xbox One Mag

The week begins for the Xbox Game Pass which sees a new game land in its catalog. And it is the French from Flying Oak Games who are in charge of the daily menu with the arrival of Scourgebringer. This is the studio’s second production, after NeuroVoider released four and a half years ago. The game was previously available in Game Preview version and now benefits from its full version.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will therefore be able to enjoy this very retro-looking title. but which has a little onion gameplay, in a universe where each death is synonymous with a return to square one. What to wait until the arrival of the big piece called Rainbow Six Siege which will land this Thursday, October 22 on Microsoft’s on-demand games service.

For those who do not know Scourgebringer at all, we leave you with a trailer released last week:

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