Xbox Game Pass to welcome Rainbow Six Siege soon – Xbox One

They are rare Ubisoft games to be available on Xbox Game Pass. It must be said that the French publisher has had its own on-demand gaming platforms with Uplay + for a little over a year now. Only available on PC, the service provides access to all the publisher’s new features in Day One, as well as additional content, all for € 14.99 per month.

It is therefore difficult for Microsoft to attract Ubisoft games to its service, even if the French publisher does not seem to be opposed to integrating “service games” which generally operate over time and allow the publisher to recover a little money. money through integrated microtransactions. This was the case with The Division so far and it will be. with Rainbow Six Siege coming soon.

Indeed the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account released a new tweet with an image showing six rainbows and a besieged castle. An enigma not very complicated to solve which therefore quite clearly indicates the imminent arrival of the Ubisoft title. We imagine that it could be done before the end of October.

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