Xbox Game Studios: Playground Games has recruited 100 people in 2021 and expects 100 more.

In recent years, Playground Games has established itself as one of the most talented studios of its generation. With Forza Horizon, British teams managed to impose a heavy license to make it the main attraction of the last E3 with its fifth episode. And while many of us are waiting for the release of this new racing game, the developer is working on the future Fable reboot in parallel. An overflowing activity that, therefore, logically materializes in extremely numerous hires!

In 2021, the Lemington Spa teams have pushed the walls. And not a little if we believe Nick Duncombe, head of hiring of the study. In nine months, Playground Games registered more than 100 newcomers destined to work on both Forza Horizon and Fable. A wave of new faces that, therefore, increases the Xbox Game Studios staff to more than 300 employees.

With this payroll, Playground Games thus becomes the third Microsoft studio in terms of personnel. In fact, if 343 Industries exceeds 550 employees and Mojang 600, the British study is experiencing exceptional growth, ahead of the historical studies. For comparison, Rare has fewer than 300 employees, while Turn 10 or The Coalition do not exceed 200. And even for Bethesda, only Bethesda Game Studios and Zenimax Online do better with almost 400 employees!

And this meteoric rise is destined to continue. Recognized by numerous professional awards, including “Best Place to Work”, Playground Games continues to attract developers from around the world. This is excellent news that should allow the company to fill the 106 positions that are still available!

So all is well for the parents of Forza Horizon whose next episode will arrive on November 9. And if you want to know everything about the history of Playground Games, it is here: Playground Games: the jewel of Xbox Game Studios

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