Xbox Games With Gold: Here are the “free games” of August 2022 with a large license

August 2022 Free Games Announced for Xbox Games With Gold. On the program is a crazy game with a big license and a very nervous roguelike.

The offer has lost its luster since the introduction of Xbox Game Pass, but many gamers are still looking forward to it. Like every month, the American publisher is offering subscribers several “free games” as part of the Xbox Games With Gold program. Here is the data for August 2022.

Here are the free Xbox Games With Gold games for August 2022.

Every beginning of the month the same song. Sony is introducing its free PS Plus games, and Microsoft is introducing Xbox Games With Gold. In August, the American giant sticks to its good old habits with an eclectic selection that will be especially marked by the presence of one of the craziest licenses in video games: Saints Row. Therefore, there are two more games for Xbox One and two games for Xbox 360 in the program, namely:

August 2022 Xbox One Free Games

  • Calico (August 1-31): A rewarding simulation game that challenges you to complete the most important and adorable task of all: rebuilding the city’s cat bar. Build your cafe and fill it with adorable cats, delicious pastries and fancy decorations.
  • ScourgeBringer (August 16 – September 15): Also available as a free-to-play Amazon Prime game in August 2022, this roguelite will guide players through unknown worlds by killing various machines. Nervous, smart and catchy game.

Xbox Games August 2022 Gold Xbox 360 Games

  • Saints Row 2 (August 1–15): A direct sequel to the first game, set several years after the original game’s release. The goal is to get the Saints back on the Stillwater stage with goals completely blocked. A game often referred to as GTA-Like that offers a lot of freedom and a big dose of customization.
  • Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine (August 16-31): Co-op or solo indie stealth game in which you have to build your team of elite thieves, explore the pre-heist scene, and above all, pull off the perfect heist.

Keep in mind that the Xbox Games With Gold formula will change from October. No more retro games will be offered after this date. It is not yet known if there will always be four free games or less.

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