Xbox holds Dolby Atmos and Vision exclusivity for two years

While Dolby Atmos is already available for purchase, Dolby Vision is still in testing on the Xbox Series.

According to an Xbox blog post, since deleted, Microsoft has announced to its players that Xboxes can offer more in terms of sound than other console manufacturers. Indeed, Microsoft holds the console exclusivity of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision technologies for another two years, which would prevent Sony and Nintendo from integrating them into the PS5 and the future Nintendo Switch Pro.

Dolby Atmos technology has actually been built into the Xbox One since 2017, while the Xbox Series X / S has supported it since its launch on November 10. However, to be able to use it, players must purchase a displayed license for € 17.99. In Microsoft’s post, it was stated that a trial period allowed players with the new Xbox wireless headset to enjoy it until September 30, and only pay for the license from that date, any knowing that it is acquired for life.

Dolby Vision is still in testing

Regarding Dolby Vision, Microsoft had launched test phases at the beginning of the year on Xbox Series X / S. Only participants of the Xbox Insiders program can access it at this time. Gamers on next-gen consoles expect to have it all by the end of this year. No precise date has yet been communicated. This exclusivity is a good thing for Microsoft, which is once again emphasizing the performance of the console to attract as many players as possible to its platform.

For its part, Sony relies on exclusives and first-party games to make a difference with its long-standing competitor. These are two different strategies, which pay off in their own way. If the exclusivity only lasts two years, it is not yet certain that Sony will rush to integrate Dolby Atmos or Vision into its latest generation console, although one can imagine a PS5 Pro with these features.

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