Xbox Insider: New Icons for Disc Games and Xbox Game Pass

With the arrival of Discord on Xbox last week, members of the Xbox Insider Program are now eligible for new icons in their game library to make it easier for them to navigate.

New screen information for Xbox games

Therefore, new icons have appeared in the menu of new products that tell you if the game does not start because the disc is not inserted in your console or you do not have a license for various reasons. This last case occurs when the game is out of Game Pass, or when you are not connected to the internet to verify that you are the owner of the game.

The new icons appear in the Xbox UI in the lower right corner of the in-game image, as shown in the image below.

Please note that the disk icon may not be displayed due to a cache that has been in the console for about a year. Therefore, you may need to restart the game from its disc before you start seeing the icon in the Xbox interface.

The update is available for the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead ranks of the Xbox Insider Program.

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