Xbox: Japan is the fastest growing market according to Microsoft

The Xbox brand and Japan is a complicated story to say the least. It has been years that some have advised Microsoft to stop insisting in the Japanese archipelago and yet, the American glove persists and signs. And to believe a representative of the latter, this obstinacy is beginning to bear fruit.

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The Japanese version of the IGN site recently had the opportunity to speak with Jeremy Hinton, the Asia region manager at Xbox. According to him, positive signs from Japan can be noticed. These signs are so positive that Yoshihide Suga’s country is currently “the fastest growing Xbox market worldwide. “ According to him, this growth is not limited to the number of consoles sold:

We have seen phenomenal growth in Japan over the past 12 months. And this corresponds to the arrival of new consumers in our ecosystem, people who take out a Game Pass subscription or people who buy accessories or PC games.

Jeremy Hinton further notes that much of this growth comes from people who have never played on Xbox or who had abandoned the brand a long time ago (Microsoft has sold over 1.6 million Xbox 360s and only 140,000 Xbox One in the past. Japan):

There is no doubt that demand is really increasing in Japan. It is something that I perceive in the data that I can see. We have a very high percentage of consoles purchased by people who have never owned an Xbox in the past. And the next category of consumers who buy consoles (Xbox Series X | S) are those who come directly from the Xbox 360, a generation in which we have had some success in Japan. We are therefore seeing strong indicators in terms of reaching new customers. The demand is clearly stronger and we see our stocks run out in a few minutes.

Xbox Series Kawaii

According to the weekly sales rankings released by the Japanese magazine Famitsu, the Xbox Series S is less popular than the Xbox Series X in Japan (12,642 vs. 36,185 units sold since last November respectively). Jeremy Hinton says, however, that demand for the S Series is stronger in the archipelago. According to him, this situation is due to the price difference between the two models (the Xbox Series S is significantly cheaper). But not only:

I think we can see more demand around the Xbox Series S in Japan. I have clearly seen people share their purchase of a new console on Twitter pointing out how small and cute it is. These are the things that make her attractive to many people. We clearly note a higher demand due to a. Obviously, it would be easy to ironize these remarks by Jeremy Hinton by noting that the Xbox brand has grown so far in Japan that the growth rates can very quickly appear impressive. Still according to the charts published by Famitsu, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S remain after all regularly less than 1,000 units sold per week.

That being said, Microsoft’s two consoles continue to suffer from supply issues, including in Japan. And even if the Japanese sales figures of the Xbox Series X | S are not dreaming for the moment, it should be noted that in just over six months of marketing these two machines have already achieved more than a third of Japanese sales. of the Xbox One over his entire life. The Xbox brand therefore still has a long way to go in Japan. But it turns out that there is better.

What do you say to these statements by Jeremy Hinton? Do you think Microsoft has real reason to be happy with the progress it is making in Japan? Or are the numbers still far too low to boast? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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